Twilight retail and tour shop FOR SALE

by admin on February 16, 2012

Twilight retail and tour shop FOR SALE

Our loss can be your gain. Our family has to move and we are sad to leave our Twilight retail and tour shop behind. We would love for the store to continue on and we hope to find new owners who will love Twilight and St Helens as much as we do.

ABOUT Experience Twilight

From Blog, to Book, to Shop.

We are crazy Twilight Fans who are lucky enough to live where Twilight was filmed! St Helens, OR is the hometown of the Swan House and eight additional Twilight film locations. It’s just a short drive from the Cullen House, the High School, Carver Cafe and all the rest.

Our name promises an experience and we intend to deliver. Come to St Helens where you can walk in the footsteps of the stars and crew! Many people don’t know that a large portion of Twilight was filmed in little old St Helens, Oregon– just 30 minutes West of Portland, OR. There were nine sets and a lot of background filmed here. The main street in Old Town, where our shop is located, was transformed to become the streets of Port Angeles. The front of our store actually appears in one our favorite scenes. You’ve read the books and seen the movies. Come, Experience Twilight!

Experience Twilight has a Twilight Fan Store that provides an experience all it’s own. We’re glad to help with directions, visitor info or even your special event. We like to take fans pictures for our fan wall. We’ll chat with you endlessly about Twilight, if you’re in the mood. We have guided walking tours. Best of all, our store is filled with Twilight items from Forks, La Push and around the world. We have t-shirts, decals, jewelry, sparkling vampire venom, rain from Forks, sand from La Push, home decor, suckers, official merchandise, authentic replicas from the movie, exclusive autographed items and more!

Our main day to day operations is the retail store and walking tours.
We also do:
Weddings, Parties, Getaways
Custom Tours
Weekend Events
Movie Release events
Twilight Fan Club

There are at least five other forms of revenue available that we just haven’t had time to work with. The potential is HUGE!

And don’t forget, Breaking Dawn II is coming Nov 2012!

What You’re Buying

More than three years worth of info, contacts, benefits and perks:
Authorized NECA Reseller
Customer list
Twilight Club members list
Contacts Twilight Movie industry
Media contacts- t.v., paper and radio
Twilight Stars agent contacts
Over 1,800 loyal Twilight followers on Twitter, Facebook and blog
Copy of the original Twilight script
Over 2,500 images, including rare behind the scenes photos

And of course the basic in store stuff:
All current retail stock
Jewelry case, rounders, displays
Slat wall, pegwall and their accessories
Two computers
Desks, chairs, refrigerator
T-shirt silk screening supplies
Seasonal displays
and all the misc. items we can’t remember at the moment

We’re glad to teach you all we know and be available to you as needed. We want the new owners to succeed!

Any Reasonable Offer will be considered. 

Please call or email for more detailed info. 503-933-2749


257 S 1st St
St Helens, OR 97051

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Samantha February 17, 2012 at 5:09 am

I’m interested as I’m a huge fan of twilight and had a few business ideas of my own that in the coming years looking for a partner in …. But it all depends on the ASAP nature of this sale as I live in Nashville TN. I was already looking to relocate to the pacific northwest …. Somewhere between Portland and forks … In the coming years. I’m currently in college and as I want to move ASAP I want to finishmy degree and graduate first

Amanda Knox February 17, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Oh my god, if i lived in the US i would buy this in a heartbeat!! I am a massive Twihard and could do wonders in a shop like this! I think i will have to do some planning and see if i can come up with a way to buy this, its all i can think about now i have seen it :) xx

Leanne February 26, 2012 at 6:07 pm

Oh wow! I would so love to do this! I dont live but a few hours from here. Love St Helens. Unfortunately I just dont have that kind of money laying around…otherwise I would jump on this! Hope you all find new owners that love Twilight as much as we all do!

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