Madison High School

by admin on February 9, 2009

2735 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR

Pictures on grounds – on weekends and after school hours

The cafeteria scenes, the science classroom, and some hallway shots.

Some of the cafeteria scenes, like the salad bar, were actually shot back in the studio with a green screen. The on-location shooting happened during spring break in 2008, and a lot of the high school students got to be extras. The spring break weather was great for the kids, but not for the filming team–the rain you see outside the windows was fake!

Just photos, so far.

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AR August 21, 2009 at 7:24 am

Visited this site on 8-19-09 and found the staff quite helpful. There were preparations for the new school season underway so we were respectful. The science classroom was in Room B-18 but we were only able to get pics from the window in the door. There are MANY hallways with lockers, look for the one that ends with an entire wall of windows, not far from the science classroom. The cafeteria was being used for a meeting but we got there just before they began their meeting to grab our photos. Be sure to get the area outside the cafeteria where the Cullens entered from, very easy to get to.

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