La Push – Indian Beach

by admin on February 9, 2009

Off Hwy 101 in Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, OR

Open to the public – dawn to dusk, $3.00 fee at gate

The La Push, First Beach scenes were filmed here, including the van in the parking lot overlooking the beach and Jacob and Bella walking on the beach talking about Quellute legands. That’s bull kelp Erik is chasing Angela with–you’ll probably spot some yourself.

Ecola State Park is near the quaint coastal town of Canon Beach, OR. It has many similar features as the real First Beach on the La Push Reservation in Washington — a variety of colorful smooth stones, weathered logs washed ashore and coastal rock formations.

The road in the park and to the beach is paved in asphalt, long, windy and narrow. Follow it to the end parking lot where the scenes of Bella and friends in the van were filmed. Take the stairs down to the beach and walk to the far south end of the beach where scenes of Bella and Jacob walking were filmed.

Restrooms are available, as are several picnic tables and some BBQs. On-leash dogs are allowed. Camping and bonfires prohibited on the beach. There’s a hike-in camp 1.5 miles from the Indian Beach trailhead.

Note from the park service: “Plant life and natural resources may not be picked, cut, removed or mutilated.”

Pictures only.

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