Carver Cafe

by admin on February 9, 2009

16471 S.E. Highway 224, Carver, OR

Open to the public – closes at 2:00 pm Mon-Fri, 3:00 pm on Sat. & Sun.

Charlie and Bella have dinner twice at the Carver Café. The first time Bella meets Waylon, a.k.a. “butt crack Santa”, and the waitress reminisces with Charlie and Bella about when Bella was a little girl. The second time we see the café Bella talks to Mike in the parking lot and Mike tells her that he doesn’t like her seeing Edward. “I don’t like the way he looks at you– like you’re something to eat” Mike says. Then it cuts to the inside of the café where we see her royal highness of Twilight herself, Stephenie Meyer, sitting at the counter with her laptop. The waitress says “Your veggie plate, Stephenie” and then goes to talk with Charlie who’s sitting with Bella at their usual table.

When Bella is in her truck, running away from James, being followed by Alice in the Jeep they pass in front of the café. Just before that we see the Jeep following Bella’s truck around the corner of a dark road, which also happens to be just beyond the café.

The turn off for Highway 224 is not well marked but it is a right turn at Alice’s Country Market.
This is a great, Twilighter-friendly location. The owners are Kris and Sarah. Kris’s daughter was in the movie sitting at the counter in the restaurant, and the cook was also seen in the back. Sarah was in it multiple times, once as herself pouring coffee at the counter, and in the scene where the vamps drive by the restaurant she was in the car behind them playing Alice’s double. They filmed for 2 days and were also there for an additional 7 days decorating. Sarah said “The man who played Waylon was very fun” and “Stephenie Meyer was so nice”. The logo for the café seen in the movie was the original logo. They are willing to take pictures.

Specialty t-shirts are available, as well as autographs from the extras and the owners. Start up a conversation with the locals and bring some stories home!

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Lindsay January 7, 2010 at 1:09 pm

I just went home to Carver for Christmas and Alice’s Country Market is out of business. I think they’re going to reopen under a different name. In any case, the turn is at a traffic light right before the road curves uphill (1.1 miles from I-205).

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