Bloated Toad Restaurant

by admin on February 9, 2009

330 S 1st St, Saint Helens, OR

This is a private business — pictures from the street ONLY

The interior and exterior of the Bloated Toad restaurant, in Port Angeles, where Edward takes Bella for dinner and Edward spills all his secrets.

This consulting firm was transformed inside and out to become the Bloated Toad restaurant. In the book the restaurant is called La Bella Italia and is based on a real business in Port Angeles, WA called Bella Italia. For filming all of the windows were covered in black cloth and white Christmas lights were strung over the trellis and the surrounding trees. The Bloated Toad Restaurants sign was created for the movie. The wood carving of a toad on a log was something the set designer found in the Northwest and added it to the set.

Film student Magie Parke was on set and shares some of her favorite moments, like this one while filming the restarant scene between Bella and Edward: ‘The cans were also great because not only could I hear the dialogue, but also the chatter between takes. The talk between Rob and Kristen, the comments by Catherine or Jamie Marshall (assistant director and co-producer), and the instruction, thought, and intent put into each shot before action was called. At one point Rob said, “I felt like I was falling apart during that take…” and Catherine told him, “Then go with it. Fall apart. Fall into her. You are falling so into her, just use that.” And of course the following take was flawless.’

Pictures from the street.

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