Kasey’s Twilight Trip

by admin on August 18, 2010

While creating the Experience Twilight book and sites, we meet so many fun people who are nice enough to help us with research and provide us with location information. If it weren’t for these people, who knows where we would be! One of these people is Kasey, who helped us confirm the actual location of the baseball field from Twilight. She discovered this on her own Twilight trip! Here is the story of Kasey’s Adventure!

“Every year my family and I come out west from MN to go camping. This year we were able to make it all the way to the coast. Since my birthday is around our camping time, I begged my parents for a “Twilight” birthday. I asked if we could try to hit as many of the filming sites (as well as the book sites) as possible in the limited time we had. Needless to say they granted my wish (I secretly think they are closet Twilighters also!). We were able to hit a good deal of the spots. After getting off the Keystone Ferry we drove from Port Townsend to Sequim (and found out it’s pronounced Squim; I now correct the audio book reader every time she mispronounces it!) to get camping info. From there we rode down Hwy 101 to Port Angeles so I could take a picture of Bella Italia and boy did I get a ton of people staring at me, you’d think they had never seen a Twilighter before.

That night we camped at Crescent Lake campground (located off Hwy 101 and mentioned in New Moon on page 257). I could barely sleep that night knowing that I was just 8 short hours from visiting Forks!!! The next day we spent a few hours exploring Forks; I found it quite funny that it was very hot and sunny this day (maybe that’s why the Cullens were MIA hmm…). We visited Dazzled By Twilight, Forks Highschool, Forks Hospital, the Calawah River as well as the Sol Duc. Having the books come to life right in front of me was an indescribable feeling; one I’m not likely to forget. I didn’t get to see all the sights that Forks had to offer due to many more stops that day and the tight time constraints we were under.

The next day proved to be even more epic than visiting Forks the day before (You’re wondering what could possibly top Forks right? Well my friend…this day did.) A few weeks before the trip I came across the Experience Twilight website and fell in love. The time and effort put into this is simply amazing and remarkable and I can’t thank these girls enough for what they’ve done for not only me but for all us Twilighters, you girls rock!! From their website I was able to get all the info I needed to find the filming sights. The first stop of the day was to visit Kalama HS (and yes I sat and had my picture taken in all the spots shown in the movie).

But they had a mystery on their hands. Where was the baseball field exactly?? So I spent about a week researching the 2 addresses they provided and scoured over Google maps and my street atlas program. I thought I had found it but wouldn’t know for sure until I made it out there. Well the day came and after about an hour of hiking through some of the largest blackberry thorns I have ever seen, almost getting smooshed by a train and getting completely turned around; I had found it (well me and my brother but he was just there for the exploring new territory part; he’ll cut off his fingers before he admits he likes Twilight). I simply couldn’t believe that I was standing where Twilight was filmed, let alone the cast we have all grown to love!!

The view of the Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls is breath taking and this was the best day of my life. I felt such a sense of accomplishment! To this day I still have blackberry stains on my tennis shoes which I refuse to wash off :-D As soon as I had good internet connection I emailed Kathy and Jessica to share the information I had gotten with the hope that other Twilighters would get to live their dreams as well.

The next stop on our Twilight tour was the Bridge of the Gods which is seen as Charlie and Bella are driving over it at the beginning of the movie. We crossed over the bridge and into Oregon, needless to say that I was sad to be leaving Washington behind. This state (as well as Oregon) has become my favorite; previously it was Montana (because of the mountains, but please Twilight completely wins out over those!). To get a good view of the bridge it was suggested you drive down a few blocks, so that is what we did and we were not disappointed.

Well we were fighting the sunset so we hightailed it to Multnomah Falls and me and my brother ran up the trail to the bridge about half way up. This wasn’t in the movie but it was included in the illustrated movie companion. That was it for the day and I was so keyed up after finding the baseball field that I don’t think I got more than two hours of sleep that night and I think my family wished that they had invested in ear plugs because I was talking a whole lot more than usual. I’m sure they’ll be glad once my Twi-session is over!

The next day we started the Oregon portion of my Twilight birthday tour. Today we started off by visiting the Carver Café and boy was I surprised. The café looked so much bigger in the movie (guess that’s why it’s called movie magic). There were a group of people sitting at Bella’s and Charlie’s spot and I’m upset with myself because I was too much of a chicken to ask them to move for a sec so I could get a picture. Oh well; I did get a picture of the outside of the café and that was well worth the trip anyway.

From the Carver Café we drove mostly east and went to visit the Stone Cliff Inn to see the area where they filmed such scenes as “The Lion and the Lamb; and where Edward shows Bella why he’s the most dangerous predator. This was a nice little inn and I like how they placed plaques telling fans which scenes were filmed where.

We left the Inn and headed to Portland to visit a cousin and had I remembered that the warehouse (where the ballet studio was made) we would’ve stopped here. But as it was we continued west towards the ocean and the last stop on my Twilight birthday tour. Needless to say it was raining but as we pulled into the parking lot at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park, the sun came out and produced the most beautiful god rays I have ever seen. We stayed here for a little while and I took tons of pictures of the rocks that Kristen and Taylor walk by during the scene where Jake tells Bella about Quileute histories. While walking the beach I found a giant peace sign that someone had made with rocks; maybe they want the vampires and wolves to get along??

Though our trip was not near over, this was the end of the Twilight portion. It was so interesting to follow the filming sites of a movie; that in and of itself was an experience. But the fact that I stood where the Twilight actors stood and filmed was simply beyond amazing. The Pacific NW/WA and Oregon for that matter are such beautiful states and I can’t wait to visit them again. A HUGE thank you to the Experience Twilight team without whom none of this would have been possible!

Thanks Kasey for sharing your trip with us and for helping us find the baseball field!! Looks like a fun trip! We are glad to hear you had a fun time and we are glad we could be a part of it!

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