Why visit the Twilight locations?

by admin on August 15, 2012

It’s a fair question to ask. When it comes to Twilight fans, some are mega fans who want to know and see everything to do with the franchise and books. Other fans don’t understand the appeal of taking a trip to the real locations. Why would you want to visit the filming locations of Twilight, and the places which inspired the locations in the books?

Because it’s a once in a life time opportunity, that’s why. If nothing else it will take some of the monotony out of your every day life. You don’t just have to play cheeky bingo game for some entertainment, you can take a trip into the pages of the books. Well, not literally, but it feels like it. Still not convinced? Here’s a list of reasons to help change your mind.

  1. You get to feel like you are more closely connected to the author Stephenie Meyer. She based the locations in Twilight on the places she has experienced. It’s like getting a look into the part of the world that inspired her imagination in the first place.
  2. You can give your imagination a clearer picture of the places described in the books, if you’ve seen it for yourself. Description can only do so much. Sometimes you need a visual. For example, the town Bella lives in is Forks, which is a real town.
  3. It’s fun to visit the locations of filming, and know that the actors who portrayed the characters once stood where you stood. You can almost imagine the real Bella and Edward walking around (or running).
  4. You get to meet other Twilight fans, who will make you feel like you’re part of something special. Plenty of fans flock to the locations every year. You never know, you might find a lasting friendship with a like-minded individual from your experience.

With Stephanie Meyer Day just around the corner now is a GREAT time to come Experience Twilight!

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Molly November 27, 2012 at 9:58 pm

We visited ALL of the locations in September 2012 before we headed up to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Day. Visiting the locations was SO awesome!! Definitely a must for any die hard Twihard. :) My favorites were Bella’s house, Cullen house, the High School, and the beach. But they were all incredible to see in person!! We had a blast and I definitely plan to go back someday.

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