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Special Guest Anita Wheeler is a Traditional Quileute storyteller. She has been telling her grandfathers’ stories for many years, in this way she keeps her family’s Quileute traditions alive. Anita will be sharing her stories with us during special, small group circle in St Helens Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4.

She will also have artwork available for viewing and purchase.

Current sessions available:

11:00 am and 4:00 pm Sat, July 3

1:00 pm Sun, July 4

Seating is limited.

Anita is an exceptionally talented artist. Above is some of her art work. The famous "Twilight at La Push" painting in the center looks so amazingly real-- you'd swear it's a photo. She also weaves beautiful cedar baskets in a tradition that has been handed down through her family for generations. Hearing her talk about the preparations she does and all that goes into her art makes it even so much richer.

Anita participated in the historic "Paddle to Seattle", 1990 canoe journey. She has a keen sense of humor. She performs weddings at La Push (keep that in mind if you're getting married). And she is starting a new non-profit to preserve her Nation's history and enrich their lives. You can read more about Anita here. She's amazing! Your life will be richer for having known her. I know mine is.

You can also see Anita Wheeler in the Summit released documentary
Twilight in Forks: The Saga of a Real Town

"'A-Ka-Lat' or now in English called James Island

....Thousands of winters before the arrival of the Drifting-House people or non-indigenous peoples, we, Quileute, and the spirits of our ancestors lived and hunted here. For as long as the ageless memory of our history recalls, we, Quileute, flourished in this territory which originally stretched from our isle-strewn Pacific beaches along the rain forest rivers to the many glaciers of Mt. Olympus, including Thunderbirds' Lair, now called Blue Glacier. Today, we need only lift our eyes to see the burial place of those of high rank atop James Island, or A-Ka-Lat -- which translates into English as "Top of the Hill". This cultural continuity is OUR birthright and heritage. Though much has changed, elders remember "back in the days" when the "old people" dared challenge kwalla, the mighty whale, and who recounted the exploits of wily raven or bayak, who placed the sun in the sky .... bet-sil sa'a 'hoi!"

Anita Wheeler

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